At KR PR Services, we direct, film and produce short promotional videos for business’ to use through their social media, website or live presentations. There is a wealth of radio and video editing experience within our team.  Videos can be used:

  • To cover a particular event
  • To help communicate a particular message
  • To create a general ‘feel’ for your business and the service or product it sells

Unlike other forms of communication, video allows the combination of still photographs, moving images, text and sound to portray your message at one particular time – this can be a very powerful marketing tool.

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Motherwell To Date

We were asked to produce a video which could inform people about the background and achievements of Motherwell CIC. The video was shown at their first Glitterball Event held at Crewe Alex Football Club in September, as a way of informing the women about the bigger... read more

Steps to University

Education is an area that we at KR-PR Services have a strong background in and so it not surprising that Steps For Students chose us to work with them on elements of their PR. Steps for Students offer young people across the UK tailored support and advice in their... read more

The Wonder of Video

When you’re  a huge Elvis Presley fan, working with one of the best Elvis Presley Tribute Artists in the world, to film, produce and edit short videos of their performance, is pretty awesome. Paul Larcombe’s Elvis Presley Tribute Show has been endorsed by... read more

Power of Video!

Creating video for social media platforms has never been more effective as a marketing tool for businesses. It’s an opportunity to add a new dimension to your message, by combining images, moving images, text and sound in one platform. It’s no wonder this service is fast becoming the most popular among clients.

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Crewe Town Council 3rd Birthday

Crewe Town Council was first formed in April 2013 to represent the wishes or Crewe residents.  At KR-PR Services, we supported Crewe Town Council in raising the profile of the good work that they have achieved, as they celebrate their third birthday.  This was done... read more