Same Sex Parents from Crewe and Winsford joined forces through Motherwell to attend this year’s Chester Pride.

The annual event celebrates diversity across Cheshire, with focus on the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Community.

14632567_1334968339860739_881969351_oMembers of Motherwell CIC showed their support for the event, by participating in the parade wearing colourful clothing and rainbow face paints – the commonly recognised symbol of LGBT social movement.

Motherwell, launched in 2015, aims to support mothers on their mothering journey across Cheshire with a focus on Crewe, Nantwich and Winsford.  The focus is to support their emotional and physical health and wellbeing through a number of avenues including post-natal counselling, regular wellbeing and relaxation days and mother and baby yoga and walking sessions.

Through their aim to support parents at all stage of their journey, founder Kate Blakemore worked with representatives from Body Positive and same sex parents to explore ways in which Motherwell could support same sex parents within their area.

Within the support group, social events are also held at venues such as Delamere Forest, Chester Zoo and Playdates for the families to socialise.

Claire Walker-Hulse from Crewe is one of the founders of the support group for same sex parents.  She said: “We had a fantastic time at Chester Pride despite it raining all day!  The atmosphere was incredible and as it wasn’t one of the bigger ‘Pride’ events, it was family friendly and a great opportunity for us to take along our children to be part of the day too.”

She added: “Chester Pride is a great opportunity to have a good time and celebrate diversity, but the important part was summed up by one lady who joined us and said that she felt ‘she could be herself’ – this is the kind of environment we want to create.”14610732_1334967903194116_1420526213_n

Motherwell offer a safe environment for same sex parents in the area to meet and support each other on a monthly basis, alternating between Crewe and Winsford.  The sessions are also open to same sex couples looking to become parents, again to share experiences.

Claire added: “As a same sex couple, it can be quite daunting when thinking about becoming parents.  When my partner and I were in that position, we went to an Alternative Family Fair in London who then were directed to a more local clinic in Manchester.

“There are lots of options including IVF, IUI, adoption and many more.  Lots of websites offer information but some are not necessarily safe.  We want to create a safe environment where people can chat and share their own experiences.”

Vanessa Cann, who is part of the group, said: “For me, being part of this group allows me to just be myself.  I am in an environment where I don’t have to hide my true self as a person and a parent.”

If you want to find out more about the support available, please contact Kate Blakemore on 07734868325 or email  

Photographs taken by Kate Blakemore

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