A TGA Martial Arts member has dropped from a size 20 to a size 10 in two years of training.

Rachel Haig from Crewe decided to lose weight two years ago when she felt upset with the way that she looked.

The mother-of-two took control by changing her diet and later plucking up the courage to attend her first TGA Fitness class.  It was here that regular exercise in the TGA environment led to her to lose a further four stone on top of the original three.

She later joined the TGA Ladies Only Martial Arts where she is now working towards her forth martial arts belt, with aspirations of reaching the height of black belt.


Rachel, 35, said: “My motivation for change happened when I realised that I was out of breath doing little things like walking up the stairs.  I couldn’t do everything I wanted to with my children, because my size and lack of fitness put a stop to it.”

She added: “Starting TGA and making these changes is one of the best things I’ve ever done!  I’ve lost a total of seven stone due to a combination of diet and exercise.  My confidence used to be low and now I’m completely different.  I used to be embarrassed about how I looked.  Now, I feel great!”

Damian Glasheen, TGA Martial Arts CEO, said: “We are all so proud of Rachel and what she has achieved.  She is a great example of somebody who has showed determination and allowed us at TGA to support her with that.

“She’s like a different person than the one who joined the fitness class two years ago.  She looks great, is healthier and is full of confidence.”

Rachel plans to continue her inspirational fitness and weight loss journey by completing all of her Martial Arts belts at TGA.  She participated in her first 5K run last year, an achievement she never imagined possible three years ago.  In 2016, Rachel plans to complete her first 10K run.

For more information about TGA Martial Arts contact Damian Glasheen by emailing hello@tgamartialarts.com or calling 0800 035 1507