Women from across Cheshire have taken time out from their busy schedule to relax at monthly Wellbeing Days.  

Subsidised relaxation therapies have been hosted by Motherwell CIC since January in locations across Crewe, Nantwich and Winsford.

Wellbeing Days have welcomed trained therapists who have offered clients a mix of treatments including hot stone massages, indian head massage, reflexology and reiki all at affordable rates.

Motherwell CIC was launched in 2015 with the aim of providing activities and spaces for women to support other women on their mothering journey.  Since then, they have provided support to women in a range of ways including through a post-natal counselling service, ‘Happy Feet’ 24 week fitness programme and various relaxation events.

The focus on health and wellbeing of Mums across the region inspired the project of offering regular Wellbeing Days which now welcome about 30 people at each event.  Women are invited to experience the treatments in a calm and safe setting, providing a chance for the women to truly unwind.

Following the success of the established Wellbeing Days, funding from Santander has allowed Motherwell CIC to host brand new Wellbeing Workshops. Women can benefit from workshops including a six week “Sparkle and Shine” programme.  This workshop provides a mixture of meditation, reiki and goal setting to help reduce anxiety, for the small price of £5 per two hour session.

Co-Founder of Motherwell CIC, Angelita Woosnam, organises and provides treatments at the Wellbeing Days.  She said: “We have found that the women taking part in these Wellbeing Days have benefitted in so many different ways.  Initially, they feel very relaxed which is important as some of the women we speak to haven’t relaxed for such a long time.

“Lots of Mums have continued to use the Wellbeing Days on a monthly basis, and the benefit for these women is that they are able to use that half an hour to completely switch off from the stresses of everyday life.  Very often, it is the women looking after the rest of the family.  This is their opportunity to take time out for themselves.”

Wellbeing Days will begin again in September with treatments costing only £12.50 each.

They will take place at the following times:

Crewe – Jubilee Centre on the last Saturday of every month (12-4 pm)

Winsford – Wharton Library on the last Wednesday of every month and at Greenfield’s Community Bungalow on the last Thursday of every month (10-2pm)

Nantwich – third Wednesday of the month at CTC Physiotherapy (5-9pm)

Debbie Sharred from Crewe said: “Trying reiki was a really nice opportunity as it was something I’d not tried before. It was a lovely relaxing experience.  You don’t always realise that you’re not totally relaxed.  I can feel that I am now!

“For Mums, I think it’s important that you can find a little bit of time for yourself.  These wellbeing days take place once a month – it’s a good break between treatments and something to really look forward to.”

If you are interested in being part of any of these events, please contact Kate Blakemore on 07734868325 or email events@motherwellcic.com