The most common way to communicate your way to the press is through a press release.  What is more, you can send the same message to a number of different media outlets all at once.  Don’t fall into the trap of thinking just sending out a quick email will interest the journalist receiving it.  Remember, many journalists will receive 100 or more emails a day – you need yours to be relevant and simple.


  1. Ensure the story is relevant to the publication you are sending it to – think about the geography of your story and that publication, in particular.  You’re more likely to get local media coverage than national, so be sure to send your press release to ALL local press.
  2. Open the story with a very clear sentence that sums up the whole story – imagine you have only one sentence to tell your story.  Make the opening sentence this one!
  3. Always add a photograph to your press release.  Very often a good photograph can carry a weak story for printed publication and with online publications, many articles require a photograph in order to post the piece – don’t make it difficult for the journalist to print your story.
  4. Leave clear contact details – it’s important to make it easy for the journalist to get back in touch for a follow-up interview or questions.
  5.  Check your spelling and grammar –  ensure that your press release is written well and double-checked for errors before sending out.  Your business will be judged on the quality of this!
  6. Post all of your press releases on your own website – this way, you can publicise the story yourself via social media channels and journalists can look back at old press releases on your website to bulk out a current story.  The first place your press release should be made public is from your own business or organisation.


These are just some of the ‘Do’s!’ that KR-PR Services recommend when writing and distributing press releases.  Our service takes great pride in the quality and success of our press releases written on behalf of businesses, charities and events.  To see some examples of our work, click here. 


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