Crewe “Mum’s The Word” exhibition was first revealed at the library on Crewe Womens Day back in March.  It was founded by local support group MotherWell, who wanted to look back at what it was like being a mother in Crewe, years ago…. here the story began!

A six month journey led by MotherWell’s Kate Blakemore and Natalie Simm along with almost 80 others who gathered photographs and information about the history of the railway town.

The exhibition is now touring central Crewe, making its way around all of the organisations of people who have worked on the project – this includes, but is not exclusive to, Wulvern Housing, Plus Dane Housing, West Street Christian Fellowship,  West Street Baptist Church and the Children’s Centre.

Funding from Cheshire Crime Commissioner enabled to the idea of the project to develop into reality and so now, the exhibition is available for locals to find out more about Mums of the past living and working in Crewe as well as history of the area on a broader level.

Here’s a sneak preview of part of what can be found – ‘Then and Now’ looking back at streets and places and how they’ve changed over time…


How toys have changed over time….


And a look back at Crewe Alex Football Club….


KR-PR Services have taken great pleasure in supporting this project through photography of the exhibition and a press release to inform local media.  The project will be touring central Crewe in order to reach as much of the community as possible.  For more information on where it is at the moment, please visit MotherWell Website or search MotherWell on Facebook –

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