5 Simple Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

So you might have the best business idea and be well on your way to implementing it, but without a strong marketing campaign, your progress may be hindered.  What easy actions can you implement to help??  Look no further than our five top tips!

  1. Identify your unique selling proposition (USP) – in what way does your product or service differ from the competition?  Ensure you know what this is and tie it in with your marketing strategy.
  2. Invest in some basic marketing materials – having a business card to hand is always useful and a website for people to refer to can help, too!
  3. Social Media Marketing – this can be a cheap option financially, but one you need to be committed to in order for it to be effective.  Consider your target audience before choosing which platform you want to concentrate your efforts on.
  4. Advertising – consider who your target customers or clients are and then allow that to focus your advertising streams. Be smart with checking out audience figures before parting with money!
  5. Quirky marketing – try to do something a little unusual, something that may make people laugh, or provide them with free but useful information that could improve their lives… even setting up a competition.  Anything that will engage and interest people!

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